Weekend Coffee Share #50


If we were having coffee, we would talk about our plans for the upcoming week, because so much of the country is celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Although my thoughts on Thanksgiving as something to “celebrate” are evolving (more on that another time) it will be nice to gather with people.

One of my best good friends from Seattle who moved back to her home state of Minnesota about six months before we left is coming here to visit her husband’s family. Our girls are two months apart and I can’t wait to get them together. Also, and this is a surprise, my folks are coming! I am so excited about seeing them and them getting to see Wee One.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about something really exciting that happened today: WO “read” Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to me tonight. Obviously, she didn’t read every word, but she read more than she missed, and even got a few I didn’t realize she knew! It was beautiful!

Weekend Coffee Share #46


If we were having coffee, we wold have a lot to talk about. So much has begun this week. Now that Lanir Day has passed in the US and schools are fully back in session, all those children’s programs that run during the school year have resumed. So once again, it feels like the year revolves around two days: Memorial Day and Labor Day. But how things change.

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Weekend Coffee Share #45


If we were having coffee, I would be so glad to be meeting with you than what I was doing last week. This has been a rough week for my family. Going to St. Louis was hard because I had a headache for two days because I hadn’t gotten enough sleep. It sucked. Then, we’re having some medical problems at Casa In-Laws, so the in-laws are gone more, leaving me, Cohiba, and Wee One. (So please send positive thoughts to in-laws.)

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Weekend Coffee Share #44


If we were having coffee, this would be more of a phone meeting. Wee One and I are back in St. Louis with my folks for a couple days. My cousin’s bridal shower was yesterday, and WO and I went to it. What a long-ass day it was, but I’m glad we made the trip.

It’s the first time WO met most of my family, all save one person, and if I’m frank, there’s a good chance she’ll never see most of them again. One of the people who was there, I just don’t want her around WO. I remember her touching me inappropriately, even as recently as 2013. And WO is so curious and happy and loving, she says hi to everyone… Just no.

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Weekend Coffee Share #43


If we were having coffee, we would reflect on the passage of the summer. I didn’t think of OH as very much farther north than St. Louis, but it’s been much cooler. It also didn’t have the humidity; I think I underestimated the effect of the river confluence right there in STL. 

But more important than the dumb weather, I am having such a joyous time with Wee One. I love watching her play and enjoy the summer with her: Splash pads, ice cream, digging in the yard, sprinklers, climbing trees… 

If we were having coffee, I signed her up for a one morning program; I hope it will help with her speech. She’ll be around other little kids for that morning, and I’ll get to write. I’m also thinking about signing her up for Tinkergarden, but I’ll be with her through that. We went to a group session for someone who wants to lead it, and she had fun.

We wouldn’t talk politics because we each know what the other thinks. Our stomach’s have been in knots since November 8th of last year. We knew this would happen. We knew it would be a shit show. And even when the current president is out, as I believe he will be within the next year, the VP is a greater nightmare, in my opinion.

Which makes a good summer even more important.