My Typical Reader

To begin this year’s NaBloPoMo, I am going to do something I’ve never done before: formulate a picture of the person I am trying to reach. Of my typical reader. Of you.

Hi, you.

I’m glad you’re here. Actually, thank you for being here! I’ve been writing on this blog for several years (sometimes more often than others) and my blog focus, if you will, has changed over time as I’ve been trying to find a way to reach readers! You are probably also a writer or blogger, and have also found that readers aren’t just ‘out there,’ like apples waiting to be plucked.

Overall, though, I have written about life. Told stories and processed life changes, like a few moves and a baby.

My typical reader, you, you are funny and you have interesting stories, and you think my stories are interesting, too, or entertaining. You are open to other people’s views. You enjoy a respectful discussion, even in the face of disagreement. Many of you are also parents/aunts/uncles/godparents of older children, so reading about anything I write about an infant/toddler is amusing in an ‘oh-I-remember-that’ kind of way. Unless you also have a toddler, and then you just nod in recognition.

I am glad you like my blog. I also love to hear from you, so feel free to comment anytime. 

Love, Sahara



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