Weekend coffee share #33


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have begun reading On Writing by Stephen King. I haven’t read anything from him in years, but when I was in junior high, I read King voraciously. Carrie, FirestarterChristineIT, I skirted around Cujo (but I’m already scared of dogs so I didn’t work on it too hard), and the four novellas from The Four Seasons.

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A New Kind of Literary Hero

What would the Super Hero Version of you look like?  Would you be muscley? Wear a breastplate of gold?

I’m sure this is a common question in most circles of friends (otherwise, who are you hanging out with?) When I saw the title of today’s daily prompt, “Literate for a Day,” and it made me think of what my superpower would be, if I was a super powersy person.

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