Peaceful morning 

This is a quiet few moments that Wee One fell asleep early for her nap and I can write albiet a little stream-of-consciously. It’s in my iPhone, which I don’t do often.

Sipping coffee in my Thanksgiving-ready in-laws while WO naps. 

She fell this morning, hard. I wasn’t as aggressive about the way she was climbing as I could have been, and I feel so bad. I sat down and nursed her; she got so much comfort from it and fell right to sleep. It was precious.

A friend of mine is studying to become a vicar at Oxford, and he said the school put on a traditional Thanksgiving meal in honor of their American students. He said, “trying to explain marshmallows On potatoes…”

My mom is coming out today, and I’m excited to see her.

Happy Day of Thanks, everyone.

Okay, your turn.

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