Will This Make Me A Better Writer?

Did you know that Hunter S. Thompson, in effort to be a better writer, would spend time at a typewriter rewriting such books as A Farewell To Arms or the Great Gatsby? That is so cool.

Has anyone ever done this? A quick google search found it listed in a number of articles, including this one on the Art of Manliness website. I read its called “copy work,” and this was the way children learned about punctuation and penmanship.

Many good authors have done it (none of whom I’ve actually read) like Jack London or Benjamin Franklin, who did a number of variations on copying to add extra challenge.

Something I wonder: this article mentioned writing it out by hand. DO you think I need to do it out by hand? I’ve started copying The Alchemist. I know its hipster and cheesy, but I really like the style of the story. I will also copy C.S. Lewis, I believe.

If you have done it, do you feel like it made a difference?

Oh yeah: today is my birthday! Huzzah!

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