Notes From A Political Movement

Columbus is having a sister March to the Women’s March on Washington that is to take place on the 21th, the day after the inauguration, and they decided to have it a week early to allow people to march both here and there. I haven’t taken part in a political march in awhile; maybe since undergrad.

The previous was written on Saturday night in anticipation of a Sunday afternoon march. Alas, I slept until 12:30, which I never do. So I didn’t march, and I was really disappointed that I didn’t. And that also means, if I’m really going to be part of a political movement, I have to do more. Different.

Marching in a crowd feels good and is important, but making a phone call is also important, as I’ve learned in such resources as the Indivisible Guide.

The part above I wrote before January 21st, as I was debating doing to Dayton for the sister Women’s March on Washington. But I was sick. Wee One had a cold, and gave it to me. But I was there in spirit and most impressed

Then, tonight, I got involved with another part of the movement, the 10 actions in 100 days – I wrote letters! I did it at the shady bar of a dimly lit restaurant and met with other women and activists who had been involved with the march and demonstrating in front of the senator’s office and all of that.

The part above, I wrote on January 26th. This has been a four part post, I think because the enormity of it and the shit I disagree with refreshes itself each day.  Literally, every day, I add to my list of things to call the senators about.

How I feel waking up each morning, seeing what my new administration has done.

So I don’t imagine this is my last post about notesfromamovement.

via Daily Prompt: Resist

Okay, your turn.

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