Other People’s Toys

You know how, as a kid, when you go to your friends’ house, their toys are cooler than yours? Does that happen when you are an adult to?

That is, all the toys I see that Wee One does not have, I think are cooler, and I think I need to buy for her.

And I’m not a “thingsy” person. In fact, I am one of those parents that believes that “less is more” for a kid. In fact, for parents as well.

What do you think? Does that happen to parents?

All the toys! Because we certainly have room!

4 thoughts on “Other People’s Toys

  1. I’m bad about buying way too many toys, too. Especially with Little Man, I tend to want to indulge his new interests and buy way too much stuff that he doesn’t end up using more than a few times.

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