My Evelyn

Day 5 – E – Bonus post

I don’t know what I didn’t think of doing this sooner, possibly because I usually call her Wee One, but she’s got an E name, and would make a good E word!


It first caught my attention in A League of their Own, as Stillwell Angel’s mom. “Evelyn! I’m going to kill! Your son!”  I liked the way it sounded when it was yelled. 🙂

I heard it again in Kate Beckinsale’s character in Pearl Harbor, and she wore it with such class and elegance. So even before I met Cohiba, I knew, if I had a girl, I was going to name her Evelyn. Cohiba wasn’t sold on it at first, but then he remembered his grandmother was Evelyn, and that was that.

I was a little afraid I would meet her and she wouldn’t “be” an Evelyn, but she totally is. I don’t call her Evie or Ehvie, though some friends currently do. She may want to be called that when she gets older, but for now, she is My Evelyn.



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