Pictures of Me

Written with The Cure “Pictures of You” playing in my head

Do you ever, while in the middle of something, picture what it would look like form the outside? Like in a photo spread? You know, imagine the way the sunlight hits your arms or shines through your hair?

I do, and you know, sometimes I wonder if I’m so focused imagining the moment that I miss the real moment, real life.

A mommy and Wee One ussie. She’s enjoying herself; don’t let the face fool you.

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day, and in the afternoon, I put Wee One in the bike trailer and we rode to this public splash park. She always reaches for my hand when she goes in, or she’ll come back and get me before she’ll stay. We were sitting under a tree eating crackers and mango, warming up from the cold water, and it was beautiful. It was probably more beautiful than I’ve pictured above,

How do you not miss real life? We can get caught up in our heads; what do you do to ground yourself?




Okay, your turn.

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