Perhaps A Finger Pocket?

Of course I am referring to my belly button.

This is NOT a picture of mine.

Or perhaps I’ll call it a finger pocket, as that is what Wee One has taken to using it for.

She has always loved my belly button, especially after she found her own. She liked to compare them. For awhile, she brew raspberries on and around it, which was pretty precious. Then, she just wanted to look at it, and would lift my shirt up anytime so she could to see it. She would usually stick a finger in there a few times.

Now, she sticks a finger in there and leaves it. Deliberately. She has taken to putting her finger in there and then relaxing, like laying back on my arm or her head on my chest. Like she’s just using my belly button as a pocket to keep her finger warm.
NaBloPoMo November 2016

Okay, your turn.

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