The Proper Use For A Tiki Torch* And a Pinterest Win

Here at Casa In-Laws, I have been wanting to craft a little something for Wee One to play around and under in the backyard, something that will shield her and make the planned communityTM space a little more unique.

My MIL had several Tiki torches that she didn’t really use, so she took the flame part out and put them in several empty vases around the patio, where Cohiba and I smoke many a cigar.

Meanwhile, we had these vacated bamboo poles, and I thought, “Hey!” Cohiba cut off the pointy ends so WO won’t poke herself with them, and I went to work creating this little tripod tent thing. On one end, I’ve also affixed a Montassori-inspired ring of colored ribbons I made for her. She’s already spent several days playing around it, talking to it, and if it falls, I can easily prop it back up!

This is like something we would find on a Pinterest board, and I call this a win.

Have you copied anything from Pinterest, either successfully or not?

*In no way is this title intending to belittle the atrocity of white supremacy that was so shamefully on display this weekend. 


Okay, your turn.

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