Mama Bear Roar

This morning, while waiting (and waiting and waiting…) in line at the DMV (I lost my Washington license today; boo-hoo) I read, in one of my local parenting groups, about a creepy dude at the park skulking around the kids. Another mom was like, oh, was it this guy? And had a whole other story. They were two different creepers, and represent but a drop in the bucket of all the creepers out there, I’m sure.

In that moment, in that slow-ass line, imagining myself and Wee One at a park and her happy curious face, that was the moment I decided to start to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Cohiba does it and he’s really into it. When Wee One is a little bigger, I know he wants to get her involved with it, and, given the gym he goes to, I would be okay with that. I have never tried it, but in the back of my mind, I always sort of figured I would start when she does.

But no. Mama Bear came roaring up inside me. I’m a fighter. Now I’m gonna go get the skills to be a good(ish) one.

Is there a martial art you practice? How long? I’ll post again on this effort – make sure you are following this blog for more stories!

Okay, your turn.

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