The First Thanksgiving

This year and this week, as Thanksgiving is featured so prominently in the minds of people in and from the United States, I am thinking more about the Native communities who are depicted in the original Thanksgiving myth and their descendants of today.

Like many other Americans, my blood quantum hosts Native American blood, but I am not at all in touch with the culture and do not call it my own. Therefore, I am going to showcase the thoughts of people who are of that culture.

First, some thoughts on the original Thanksgiving day and what really happened.

The Real Story Of The First Thanksgiving– This is the story as shared by descendants of the Wampanoag Tribe and descendants of the pilgrims in Plymouth Colony. From reading it, it sounds like the only true bit I’ve been taught is that the settlers would not have survived in this “New World” without the native populations and their wisdom.


Okay, your turn.

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