Brontosaurus Birthday

The most amazing wonderful thing happened with Wee One this morning.

I’m exaggerating, of course, because she’s three and everything we do is the most amazing wonderful thing we do. I am dazzled by my daughter.

But we did do something cool. I was laying on the couch reading Mary B., she was working a puzzle at the coffee table. She climbed over me and grabbed the book.

“Okay. My turn!” She said, and held the book open on her lap so I could see the “pictures.” “Once upon a time…” she started, and began to make up a story about a daddy who went to the dentist and had a birthday cake.

“Your turn!” She handed me the book, and I told her a made up story about a little girl with a purple balloon. She asked for another one, and I told her about Pirate Evie who sailed to an island and found a brontosaurus. The brontosaurus invited her to his birthday party and she went to a cave where he party was. But he couldn’t blow his candle out so pirate Evie decided to help him. She climbed atop chair and using her hand as a fan as well as the blow from her mouth, she got the flame out. All the brontosauruses were happy and cheered. She tried a bite of the cake, but it was all dirt and leaves and sticks and bugs. Then she sailed away.


You guys, we are making up stories to tell each other! My daughter who had a speech delay is telling stories, making jokes, and taking turns with me! And we were snuggled on the couch like bears in a den. I hope we do this for a long time.




Okay, your turn.

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