Lucky Woman

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

After 22 years it’s finally here!

The time to get a new hip draws near.

And what do I wish for? What do I fear?

(Sorry. Speaking in rhymes with the kid today.)

I have made the command decision to go forward with getting my hip replaced. I knew this day was coming; I’ve been putting it off for one reason or another. Mostly because everyone I talk to says, “Put it off as long as you can.”

But I’m done. I’ve compensated and made up for and put up with the pain for as long as I’m willing to. Now, my only options now are to 1) opt out of or be miserable doing the activities that keep me healthy and playful or 2) get it done.

You know, I’ve been walking on this rig (18 inch plates keeping my pelvis together) for 22 years; longer than I had the original. (i.e. Before the accident.) This hip has been tight and painful for 22 years, and I’m starting to dream what it will be like afterwards, things I’m looking forward to.

  • Stretching. Really stretching.
  • Lift my leg. Just lift it. Straight up while lying on my back. Since ’97, leg lifts have left pain in my groin and I have to have a heating pad in my crotch.
  • Running
  • Riding a bike
  • Sitting cross legged!! I love sitting cross legged and I haven’t been able to do it in, like 15 years!
  • Sleeping on my left side. My right side gets tired of the pressure when I’m laying on it, and Cohiba sleeps behind me when I’m on my right. On my left, I can throw a leg over him.
  • Cutting my toenails.
  • Putting on socks.
  • Wearing shoes that tie.
  • Velcroing my own shin guard! I always have to ask one of the guys to do it!
  • Wearing high heels. Not that I do that too often, but I want the option to feel like I slay.
  • Shave.
  • Scratch a mosquito bite on my left ankle. You get the gist; I generally want to be able to reach below my left knee.
  • My whole jiu jitsu and muay thai game will change. I’ll be able to play an open guard. I might get braver. I might compete.

A whole new set of possibilities will open up, and that doesn’t happen to many people at 41 years old. I’m a lucky woman.

Okay, your turn.

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