Bedtime Silliness

Tonight, Wee One did not want to go to bed. Surprise, right? She took so long brushing her teeth that I couldn’t read to her anymore.

She immediately threw herself on the floor and started crying and stamping her feet. “I am tantruming until I hear Harry Potter.” she cried. I love that she was so clear about her intentions.

I picked her up, and we snuggled on the bed. I said, “Well, that sounds a lot like a choice, and not a very fun one. You know, you are in charge of your body and your actions and how you respond to your feelings. I hope you make a different choice.”

Then I sing to her, like I normally do, but instead of the actual words, I just saying the words Harry Potter. She started to laugh, and so did I. Then she sat up and read to herself.

All was well.

Okay, your turn.

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