First Faire W/O WO (Without Wee One)

It is that time again. Ren fair season is upon me, and for the first time after seven – nay, eight! – years, I’ll be going without Wee One. I’m having a hard time with this.

The Central Missouri Renaissance Fair in Kingdom City, Missouri has been my “home” fair for over six years, and I’ve only missed one.

  • 2014 – I was pregnant. I was tired and wanted to drink with my friends, but she gets to say she was camping and going to fairs before she was born.
  • 2015 – This was the last year it was totally in the fall, and though we were living in Seattle, we made it. In full garb and everything. We also got to see my old band director.
  • 2016 – I didn’t do this one. It moved to a weekend in the spring and we were still in Seattle. I went to an adults only pirate festival in Oregon later than year. Heh.
  • 2017 – Just me and WO. Good times. She loves belly dancers. I learned good lessons about road tripping solo with a toddler.
  • 2018 – Also me and WO. More good times. She loved dancing around the may pole.
  • 2019 – On our way in, we stopped in Casey, IL, to explore the Worlds Largest Rocking Chair and Wind Chime. I held a rat for the first time.
  • 2020 – My guild, as a group, decided we couldn’t go because of COVID, so this year doesn’t count.
  • 2021 – WO was in kindergarten online, so I could do it anywhere! It was fun. At six years old, she picked out a special fair name, (Rosina), she got her own fair mug, a fox tail, and a belt. She’s starting to build her garb and her character!

So here we are, 2022. I was all set to take her with me, then she got a fever and was out for a week. If I take her out for even a day of travel, I’ll get a truancy warning letter from the state. Fucking school.

So here I am, doing the responsible thing.

Okay, your turn.

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