Weekend Coffee Share #43

If we were having coffee, it would be iced, because unlike when we were meeting in Seattle, it is too hot to drink coffee comfortably.  It would be okay if we were sitting inside, but it’s going to be so warm today that we wanted to sit outside while it is still morning and still nice.

We talk about plans for our approaching holiday: I’m going to go to Kentucky and meet my FIL’s family. My FIL isn’t super close to them: I’ve never met them, Cohiba hasn’t seen them in years, but now that we have Wee One and we’re all living so close, we want to.

If we were having coffee, I reflect on how different this summer is from summers past, yet familiar. I’m doing so many things with Wee One, so I’m doing this I did when I was a kid: playing in the sprinkler, going to the zoo, riding bikes, laying in the grass, reading stories and marching around the house playing small instruments. It is so beautiful. When I was working, I experienced summer on my way from the car into work, or from work to the cigar bar. But when did I forget how good a popsicle was and splashing off in the kiddie pool?

Ugh, I’m also seeing other kids at places at the splash park doing things like grabbing her bucket or almost knocking her over. They’re kids being kids, and she needs to learn to navigate it, I know, but I hate watching it.  How do other caregivers handle it? Particularly if they’ve been bullied in the past and may have a small tendency to project?


Okay, your turn.

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