TAugust, 2021.

During the the church service this week, (actually August 2021, but whatever,) the scripture talked about a woman who had leavened bread and referred to abundance, about having things in abundance, even when you think you don’t

I’ve had experiences with abundance that these stories make me remember. I’m sure I’ve had more, but particularly on the road. It’s on of my favorite things about being on the road.

I remember being on the train, I think through Germany to Munich, though it may have been the next leg to Vienna. We were in a compartment with another couple, I believe. My friends and I were getting out snacks we gotten from the station, bread and nuts, and offered to share it with the other people. They offered to share what they had, and together, we talked and shared our food. It wasn’t like we suddenly had more than we thought, or that we even got fuller than we would have otherwise, though maybe we did.

I have stronger memories of the time I was in Krakow, with a group of travelers. Most of our organized group was going to go clubbing, but our smaller group didn’t want to. So we walked back to my friends’ place, stopping into a little shop on the way and each of us buying soups and accompaniments. We settled into out places in Arthur and Ignus’ room, and passed around plates and cups. Then we played card games and tricks, telling stories from our respective countries tries. Again, it’s not necessarily that our bellies were fuller than they would have been, but it still felt like we were wealthy, like we had an abundance. We definitely had what we needed. Maybe the abundance wasn’t particularly about the food, but about the community.

Okay, your turn.

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