Bucket List Bounty, or, Just Effing Do It

As I was writing my post for yesterday, I thought back on the 1/4 novel I wrote for NaNo a few years ago.  I have thought about it over the years and revisited it a few times, done some light research for the time period, but not a lot else.

I’m holding off because I like having it there. I like having something promising and potential.

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Bulleted Books

Jeananne knew she was ready for a change.  She left the Pennsylvania farming community where she had taught for three years to return to her native Missouri, hoping to find a way to indulge her passion for food into something that would also feed her soul. She grew up in the dusty musky back room of her mother’s thrift shop, her vivid imagination nurtured among the fabric colors and textures as she found and made treasure out of things that seemed to have no value.

She began to nurse the idea of having a food truck, and did research into the possibility of it.  She also scoured craigslist and looked at several trucks.  One day, she found a house in a cool part of town, pretty affordable.  Still indulging her imagination, on a lark, she checked it out.  It was a small brick bungalow by a beautiful park and a fantastic Thai restaurant. On a lark, she talked to the bank about getting a loan. Just to see. She realized how much she would save by purchasing a home rather than paying rent. On a lark, she asked a friend to inspect the unit, then had it inspected professionally.  She talked with friends and other trusted homeowners; making sure she did all she needed to do, crossed every T. She could barely sleep she was so nervous, so surprise by her own chutzpah.

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