Goals for 2022

There was a time that I would set annual goals for myself. Just things I wanted to do or experience. It started with, like, 52 goals in 52 weeks, so one a week. Then it winnowed down to 24, then 10… After 2018, I just quit doing it. I just… I don’t know. Couldn’t think of anything.

I’m going to reserruct that annual pastime. Thank you for being here with me for it. The ones that are in italics, I have started. If it’s in bold italics, I’m finished.

  1. Garden. I did it last summer and had so many tomatoes, quite a few cucumbers, and a few snap peas. I think I’ll add something else this year. Cantaloupe?
  2. Take two road trips with Wee One.
  3. Ready a story for publication/competition.
  4. Try a different style of dance (COVID permitting).I’m a little turned off of dancing right now. Boo.
  5. 1000 Hours Outside a year with WO. (We got 600 in ’20, 750 in ’21… The trick is to get winter hours in.)
  6. Get pregnant. For those who have been with me for awhile, you know this has been a goal for awhile. Five years. Secondary infertility is a motherfucker.
  7. Visit the ocean. This one is a given because we’re going to San Diego in a few weeks. I’m thinking about visiting the zoo with WO. Do you have any other suggestions? Things I should not miss?
  8. Go to Disney World with another family. (I’ve been down there with friends, like in high school and then my wedding, but this time, it will be with another family with kids. Another mom friend who day drinks, and our kids.) This will be for next year.

That’s all I can. think of for now; perhaps I’ll think of some more as the year progresses.

How about you? What new things are you going to try this year?

Okay, your turn.

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