Bucket List Bounty, or, Just Effing Do It

As I was writing my post for yesterday, I thought back on the 1/4 novel I wrote for NaNo a few years ago.  I have thought about it over the years and revisited it a few times, done some light research for the time period, but not a lot else.

I’m holding off because I like having it there. I like having something promising and potential.

But do I want it to stay there, in the “someday?” Of course not. I want to see it through. I was to see it grow up. Hence the thought that came up when I reflected on it yesterday afternoon: “You should just fucking finish it.”

See, yesterday morning, I went and got my hair cut. Finally. I talked about it here before, opportunity costs and having trouble making decisions. I was looking at my hair in the pictures from a Halloween party and decided enough was enough. I was going to cut it. I took myself to the hair dresser before I could change my mind.

I showed her how short I wanted it, and already, she was cutting off, like 10 inches. I had heard about people donating their hair, so I asked her about it, how much would be needed. She told me and then pointed out how short it would be if she took off enough to donate. It was still a good length for me, so I did it!

It’s a little shorter than I thought I wanted it, which sort of bugs me, but then I remember I donated it, something I’ll probably never do again, and start to think of this haircut as special. Donating hair is something that is a bucket list item for many people, so I’m thinking about bucket lists and how I did something on many people’s bucket lists. If I have a list, if I have anything on it, its to publish a book.

So I should just write this fucking book.


4 thoughts on “Bucket List Bounty, or, Just Effing Do It

  1. Hey Sahara. Maybe the best way to get working on the book is to give yourself a couple of choices. One being writing the book and the other something extremely unpleasant and you have to pick between the two. Or trick yourself into writing a short story relating to the book and you have to finish the book to get the proper end of the short story. It would drive me nuts not knowing what will happen and I would have to finish the novel or go crazy! I’m one to talk though. I too have a novel that I need to work on but too many other things to do first, including thirty days of blog posts! I think you will get there, you just have to give yourself some free time in the future and keep building up the desire to take it forward some day 🙂

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