Seven Sunday Speculations on the Renaissance Faire

This is my second-to-last weekend of my first season as a Scots cast member of a Ren Faire, and I’ll miss it.  It was a bit of a slow start for me, but I’m fully bought in now, for many reasons:

1.The people in my guild.  I’m totally bought into my kinsmen. I’m sure this is always the case when someone finishes a season or production of something, and certainly not my first time feeling this, but I will really miss the assortment of people I spent so many hours with this month. I hope and believe we’ll spend more time together this summer – the whole clan is already invited to another fair to be the lane entertainment. I also hope we’ll travel together to other faires.

2. I will miss speaking in accent.  Bitching someone out in a Scottish accent sounds way better than doing it normally. It has to do with spitting the words out, I think, but it sounds badass. (Och, and no one shushes me for being too loud, which happens in normal life. I hate it.) And I love how long we stay in accent, even just talking to each other, even long after the audience leaves. No one thinks anything of it.

3. I initially chose this guild for the camp; it’s beautiful and interesting and peaceful. I will miss being around the camp so much (especially since I’ve been working on it since January!) and I will miss being outside so much.  I will miss *having* to be outside.

4. It’s all play with everyone else. It’s fun to hug a fairy and come away covered in glitter.

5. I’ll miss smoking a pipe and passing around the scotch flask with other guild members. Nothin’ makes you feel like one of the group than being pull backstage because you “haven’t had your ‘breakfast’ yet.” 🙂

6. I’ll miss entertaining. I didn’t realize it until right now, but I like entertaining. I like the interaction and the organic spontaneity.

7. I’ll miss creating and doing something with the creation. I made all my own clothes. I decided I didn’t like them very much and I changed them a bit. I’ve been carding and hand spinning wool, and I’ll try to make something with it.

Okay, your turn.

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