Are You Living The Dream?

She was living the dream.

I was so jealous of her, y’all. She was so cool, and living the dream, like, my dream house. It was small, at least in terms of square footage, but was built on the edge of the lake/side of a deep hill, so it was, like, three stories tall with extensive decks and flower beds going on the side of the hill, so you do a lot of your living outside.

This woman was an artist and gardner, and we could see pumpkins and squash and tomatoes and huge tall sunflowers, among other annuals and perennials. So cool.

She was living the dream. Maybe that’s not my dream. Or maybe living the dream isn’t something we should aspire to?

I didn’t think my dream was this. I thought my dream was research. Brookings. But maybe not. Maybe “living the dream” is just living a good life.

What do you think? Are you living the dream? What does that look like?



Weekend Coffee Share #19


If we were having coffee, I wouldn’t be around for very long, and I wouldn’t be drinking coffee. I would be drinking tea and some sports drink to replenish some fluids I lost last week. I have had the stomach flu all last week, and now I feel like I’m coming down with something respiratory. I couldn’t even do my Top Ten Tuesday, I felt so icky! You groan in commiseration, because its no fun to be sick. I was also really homesick during that time, more than I usually am. I was hurting and didn’t know what was happening, and I wanted my mom to tell me I was okay. I know both my mom and mother in law wished they could be here to help, which is sweet.

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You’re A Wonder, Wonder Woman

I think I had my first pregnancy dream last night.  Several of them, actually.  In my favorite one, a new Wonder Woman was being born out of a tub, like a Cylon in Battlestar Galactica. She emerged, fully clothed and elevated to the top of the room, where the old Wonder Woman was waiting.

They greeted each other and then stood together and looked ‘away,’ off the horizon.  Together, they agreed that they were going to adopt and raise the coming baby.

I decided this was a pregnancy dream and it means one of two things:

1. I am carrying Wonder Woman

2. I AM Wonder Woman.

I’ll accept either one.

The Forest is my Imagination

Sometimes, at the beginning of a week, I find that my attention and thoughts are focused in a beautiful place, like a forest of trees. Living in that forest is normal, and possibilities are paths through them.

In this forest, you don’t have to walk the paths, and if you choose to, you don’t do it for any purpose.  You do it because you want to walk the path. The passage and exploration are more important than the journey’s end.

And, oh, how I hate pulling myself out of this forest.

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