Story of Croasert Coup

148 words, and I think this may become part of something else.  What do you think of the story?

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who had the chicken pox. This was one lucky boy, though, for his parents won the Doctor Drawing (as it was later called by the Wordsmiths) on the first try! He went to the clinic with his parents, and got medicine to help with the itching. A week later, he went back for a check-up

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It Is Enough

Another stab at flash fiction! Whatchu think?

Years of battle over an idea had dwarfed nations, slain charismatic leaders and laid waste to Earthly bounty. Before these last remaining ruins of humanity disappeared, another desperate idea finally appeared, one on which they could all agree.

A run to the death.

The strongest warriors of remaining tribes began a final test that would make Pheidippides weep with equal parts pride and dismay. A battle waged of sinew, sweat and stamina, as warriors literally chased death in the only measure adequate to determine the strength of their belief. As the number of racers dwindled, hearts were lodged in throats as minds were myopically unified on a single question: “Whose belief is superior?”

The final answer was found in the unexpected sight of the remaining warriors finishing the race unified, side by side. They nudged the world into reconciliation with a single word before death: “Enough.”

No final victor, only a victor’s final command.

Plain Flash Fiction

Across the flat Oklahoma plain, clouds were building.

“Wait, are those the sirens? Dude, there’s a tornado coming!!”  Running around the house.

“All of these rooms have windows!”

“No, come in here!” A few minutes pass.

“Do I hear them outside?”

“Oh yeah – we’re cool guys!”

“No, things aren’t cool!” Run to the window. The farmland that had previously surrounded us was cracking and being filled with water. A large farmhouse was literally tipping into the new lake as it ate surround Earth. A military unit was sprinting awkwardly against to current to reach the voices inside.

“Oh crap, are we gonna fall into the lake?”  Turn to the host, Joe.

“No, we’re on a granite block.” A few minutes pass and people leave the window.

To our host, “Well, Joe, now you have lakefront property.”

I’m working on doing more fiction/flash fiction.  Any notes? Thoughts? Feedback?

Squeezing My Arms Around… Flash Fiction

This is my first attempt – ever – at writing flash fiction.

“Oh, shut up! You wouldn’t know a fucking thing about how to beat these guys, pretty boy.” Lorali snarled to the boy on the stairs – I still didn’t know his name.  He looked at his friends and laughed. “I don’t owe you shit, boy,” she continued, “and I’m never gonna finish squeezin’ my arms around the truth.”

I was struck by the last expression as I remembered where I’d heard it before.

I moved closer to Lorali and whispered to her, the first time I’d dared get so close. “He’s the one that did that to you.” She looked at me in surprise and didn’t have time to cover the pain in her eyes. Suddenly her cruel features were made soft.

How did I do?