Plain Flash Fiction

Across the flat Oklahoma plain, clouds were building.

“Wait, are those the sirens? Dude, there’s a tornado coming!!”  Running around the house.

“All of these rooms have windows!”

“No, come in here!” A few minutes pass.

“Do I hear them outside?”

“Oh yeah – we’re cool guys!”

“No, things aren’t cool!” Run to the window. The farmland that had previously surrounded us was cracking and being filled with water. A large farmhouse was literally tipping into the new lake as it ate surround Earth. A military unit was sprinting awkwardly against to current to reach the voices inside.

“Oh crap, are we gonna fall into the lake?”  Turn to the host, Joe.

“No, we’re on a granite block.” A few minutes pass and people leave the window.

To our host, “Well, Joe, now you have lakefront property.”

I’m working on doing more fiction/flash fiction.  Any notes? Thoughts? Feedback?

Okay, your turn.

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