Share Your World-Holiday Edition!

A time for special holidays (for many people) also call for a special Share Your World!

What really cool about this one is that people can post about any holiday they like, which means we might not be reading about Christian traditions that I know about, but others that I don’t; how cool is that? Check out the original page to see what other people wrote.

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Weekend Coffee Share #20


If we were having coffee, I would talk all about the gym I joined and the swimming I started doing.  While I know how to swim, I was never on a team or anything, but I joined this gym that has child care! So I can leave the Wee One somewhere safe and exercise.  I started swimming because I know what good exercise it is, and its something new for me.  I had to go buy a cap and goggles, but I really like it. I like the meditative quality to it.

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Gift Ideas for Six People on a New Mom’s List


There are several mom’s groups I’ve joined over the past several months, but my favorite is a coffeehouse story time that I accidentally stumbled upon. Our babies are all around the same age and I’ve become good friends with the other mothers.

Several of us were talking about a Christmas gift for the story book reader, and as I was driving home, I was thinking about that.  I had these ideas – tell me what you think?

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10 Good Things About Being Away From Family On A Holiday


For the first time ever, Cohiba and I are not able to be with family over Thanksgiving. We’re both really bummed about it. Not necessarily because we feel any big pull towards Thanksgiving, but we don’t see our families that often, and we really like to share the Wee One with them. (Also, his family lives in Columbus so they’re Ohio State fans, and it’s always fun to watch the Ohio/Michigan game with them. I’m also a little partial to Michigan because they’re social work program is so stellar, and my Ohio family knows that. It makes for some good trash talk. 🙂

So to put a positive spin on something that’s a little disappointing,  I’m focusing on good reasons to stay here this holiday:

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