Weekend Coffee Share #20


If we were having coffee, I would talk all about the gym I joined and the swimming I started doing.  While I know how to swim, I was never on a team or anything, but I joined this gym that has child care! So I can leave the Wee One somewhere safe and exercise.  I started swimming because I know what good exercise it is, and its something new for me.  I had to go buy a cap and goggles, but I really like it. I like the meditative quality to it.

I go in the late afternoon so there aren’t as many people, and afterwards, I go into the sauna and completely space out. I love it. I’ll admit, I have a hard time not thinking obsessively about the Wee One, though, and this is something I need to work on. I’m anxious about if she misses me, if she needs me, if she’s behaving or if she’s crying a lot, if I’m staying too long and interfering with her nap.

Every time I come and get her, she starts crying once she sees me, but several of the ladies who work in there have been there or years, so I’m hoping she’ll get used to them.

If we were having coffee, we would talk about Easter, which is today. I hadn’t planned on doing anything with the Wee One – she’s not really walking yet and she’s not going to remember this year anyway, but then I saw a picture of a girlfriend’s daughter bending over and picking something up, and I was like, I want a picture of that!!

We see some little girls in the restaurant with little hats and patent leather shoes, and you give me a sideways like. Please tell me you didn’t do that, you say. I’ll admit, I didn’t quite do that, but I did get her a pretty blue dress.


Even Cohiba went! You’re impressed, and I brag a little bit more about how into it he was, even though he is agnostic. He is still respectful to a place of worship and to the other people who are there, which I really appreciate. He’s a good egg, I finish.

An appropriate description for am Easter sunday, you smile at me.





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