The Morning it Started

His booted feet covered the dew-covered grass of the empty field until he reached the well-worn wooden bridge. The creek below was slightly swollen and the thick air around him hung low, promising  to entrap anything in its grasp. The smell of mud was strong around him, but the white gravel on the main road protected him from sinking too deep into it.

He continued off the main pebble-covered path to another bridge, this one covered by vines from nearby trees and adorned with plaid red and blue ribbons and bells. Here in the glen the trees were thicker, but so was the mud.

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Five things to be happy for

God, Higher Power, Ultimate Creator: Thank you for trees and sun and the shade they produce next to each other. Thank you for the sound of running water and the splashes on my feet and calves when I cross it. Thank you for the healing that come through those things. Thank you for my Cohiba and the love we share.

Next stage in my life: Thank you for being there.  Please wait for me.  I look forward to you. Current stage in my life: thank you for letting me grow in you.

Humor: Thank you for popping up at unpredictable times during the day.

Voice: Thank you for projecting, laughing, and revealing parts of me so I’m not alone.

Arms and legs: Thank you for hugging and cycling and stretching and experiencing the world.