Annual Goals of 2020

Oh my gosh, this took me forever to write. It took me a pandemic to write. These are my goals for 2020.

Actually, I had written it and had a draft, then I lost it. The bitch of that is, I had, like, eight goals, rather than these three. I’ve been trying to remember what else I wanted to put, but I had already forgotten, but with this quarantine (I’m in Ohio and our governor has been pretty aggressive about shutting things down.) there is even less I think I’m going to do.

Or maybe the opposite? Maybe I have time to think about cool things I want to do?

Yeah right. I’m homeschooling a five year old. #lockdown

These are my goals for 2020. Some of them are gimmies, like #3, but it’s already been postponed twice, so fingers crossed.

  1. Get outside with Wee One for 1000 hours. (We had a good start – 600 hours.)
  2. Get pregnant (Boo. No.)
  3. Get hip replaced (I did it. Huzzah.)
  4. Perform with my belly dance school (Fucking pandemic.
  5. Send a story to a competition (Nope.)
  6. Watch all the Marvel movies (Nope.)

How about you? Do you have any goals for 2020?

Okay, your turn.

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