My Budding Apiologist*

Last Sunday, Wee One (WO), during our informal outdoor church service, started to raise her hand. The pastor was talking, so I told her to wait. She sat with her hands folded on her lap, waiting patiently, and just before communion, I got the pastor’s attention and said WO had something she wanted to share. I had no idea what she’d say.

She stood up into the middle of the circle, cleared her throat, and said, “Hi everyone.” Then she proceeded to tell them all that paving and construction are bad for nature and bees, and we need to have bees. Otherwise we won’t have any apples. So basically we all need to do our part. (My budding activist. Of course, seeing me go to protests for that past two years doesn’t hurt, but thank you Wild Kratts for getting and holding her curiosity and engagement.)

Our church is such a loving community; they listened to her respectfully, and then agreed with her and thanked her for sharing her thoughts. They took her seriously and I am so grateful for how loving they were to her.

I shared that story on Twitter, and one of my Tweeps wanted to send WO a copy of a bee painting she’s done to encourage WO’s love for nature and conservation. This is one of those happy stories that we get to remember whenever we see this picture.

It will also help WO’s occasional fear of bees. Do you have that fear?

*Apiologist: A person who studies apiology, the science of bees and honey-making.

Okay, your turn.

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