What Do You Mean The Doctor? Doctor Who?

For the past few months, one of my most visited posts is about what I consider to be the Top 10 Doctor Who monologues.. There must be a lot of Whovians out there! On a blog I used to  mostly keep for myself, I included recaps of Doctor Who episodes. I have officially shut that blog down and will share the recaps here.

I tried to write them in the spirit of the now-defunct Television Without Pity website which was started to hate on Dawson’s Creek and had some of the finest writing I’ve ever come across. (In fact, the night I found it, I was a night supervisor at a homeless shelter, and I was howling so loud and hard I kept the residents awake.) So, beginning with the 9th Doctor:

Doctor Who – Series 1 – “Rose” Written by Russell T. Davies¬†

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My go-to laugh inspiration

I’ve got to write again about this prompt about jokes: I have a particular website that I go to for laughter inspiration: Television without Pity (TWOP). They have many writers who review television shows and some movies, and I can usually get a laugh or two off their reviews – I like them.

I am a child of the 80s, and had some formative years while Dawson’s Creek was on. On TWOP, there were two people in particular who recapped the four early seasons, the ones I knew best. It seemed like they were friends, because they would refer to each other throughout the recap and were kind of unified on their opinions and nicknames of the characters which was woven throughout the recap. They also interjected their opinions throughout the recap, and that was possibly the best part. It was so funny.

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