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This is a weekly post I do to highlight blogs or bloggers who have inspired me in some way during this week.

1. Rituals from Ginger Sister.  For me, rituals are powerful and even spiritual anchors in life. When was in college, when I went out with an Indian man and learned how to make masala tea, or chai. His sister sent me spices from India, so I didn’t have to depend on a weak stock of stale cinnamon and nutmeg. Every morning started with me over the stove, listening for the boil and smelling the increasingly fragrant steam that rose as the tea heated.  Then, I moved away, we split up, and I stopped doing it regularly.  I found I had a real gap where this ritual had been and felt adrift.

This post is about a beautiful way of transitioning into something new and using ritual to ease that.

3. Finally, there is a delightful blog I stumbled upon this week, Browsing the Atlas, and I found it through the recommendation of the travelogue Take a trip with Andrew McCarthy from the Comfort of Your Chair. I love a good travelogue and I love to find others with a love of traveling. Thank you!


Travelogue: Krakow – Best Place I Never Planned to Visit

10 years ago, my best friend gave me a beautiful gold and red journal that is almost sacred to me, so I don’t like writing just any old stuff in it.  The first time I traveled solo, I took it with me to write about the adventure, and I’ve taken it on every trip since.  Something I haven’t done before on this blog is to pull from those pages, share with you the things I thought, felt, experienced from my various trips, but todaythanks to a prompt about travel writing, I’m going to share one of them

Backstory: I have been part of the travel community Couchsurfing since 2007, and have made many friends all over the world on this site. (It has deteriorated severely since going public and becoming for-profit not long ago, but that’s a story for another time.) In 2009, the fine CSers of Krakow were hosting a couch crash, a several-day series of events and celebrations in one particular city. It’s just an excuse to travel, have fun, get to know cool CSers and a different city in a way you normally wouldn’t. My friend Denise was going to be passing Krakow for it, and, on a lark, I decided to meet her there. These are my notes from that trip. (This post is long, but worth it.):

Day One

Is there anything more delicious than the first shower after a few days? I think not.

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