I Have Found The Fountain Of Youth!

You are young at any age if you are planning for tomorrow. – Anonymous

Write youthful characteristics everyone should preserve. What bring out your playful side?

Playing with Wee One every day has given me a lot of time and inspiration to think about a question like this. One characteristic that I think brings out youthfulness is curiosity – wanting to investigate it all. What happens when I poke this stick into mud? What happens when I break apart this big mushroom? Then watch the results of these questions with wonderment and a wish to seek out more.

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Looking At You And Seeing Green

Today’s daily prompt about jealousy isn’t going to inspire in me the kind of creative outlet that I use this blog for, and so I’m going to shift the topic a little bit and revisit my relationship with the color “Green.”

When I was a child, I used to “see” people as colors. Not that they would literally be rainbow color, or like, have an aura or anything, but I think I associated certain colors with certain characteristics, and I would see the dominant characteristic of their personality as that color.

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