I Have Found The Fountain Of Youth!

You are young at any age if you are planning for tomorrow. – Anonymous

Write youthful characteristics everyone should preserve. What bring out your playful side?

Playing with Wee One every day has given me a lot of time and inspiration to think about a question like this. One characteristic that I think brings out youthfulness is curiosity – wanting to investigate it all. What happens when I poke this stick into mud? What happens when I break apart this big mushroom? Then watch the results of these questions with wonderment and a wish to seek out more.


Imagination is also a characteristic that seems to keep people young. I don’t know many imaginative adults; do you? I mean, I know some, but not like when you’re a kid and you’re gonna swing high enough to reach the moon and when you land on it you’re gonna open it and break the lightbulb inside. (Breaking the lightbulb would actually suck, but imagining it doesn’t.)


Things that bring out my playful side are my little girl, of course. I want her to have a magical youth; I want to cultivate a rich imagination because I think it will serve her well throughout her life. When Cohiba and I have time alone together, hanging out. We have known each other so long, and part of my 16 year old self surfaces. Being at Disney World brings it out, but in fairness, it beings it out in everyone. People of all ages, nationalities, and races are wearing Mickey ears and is singing. You might even get pulled in to act in a street play!

There’s the fountain of youth.

What do you think keeps someone young? What makes you feel youthful? What do you think about Disney World?

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