And the new name is….

I have decided to change my blog name, and have taken several days to figure out the best one.

My blog isn't scary, but I've used a similar chart.
My blog isn’t scary, but I’ve used a similar chart.

(On a side note, I’m also changing my maiden name to my married name, which is a pain in the ass, I’m here to tell ya.  What I don’t understand is why groups OTHER than the social security office and the DMV want to see my marriage license.  If Illinois and the United States have already checked to see that I’m married, why isn’t that good enough for you? Infuriating.)

But I digress.

In an effort to focus my blog brand, (thank you zerotohero challenge by wordpress) I am changing my username and the name of my blog to something more in line with my mission.

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Crisis of Faith – What’s my Name?

I am working on my blog, on my brand, (thanks to the zerotohero challenge, of course) and I have come to a very important conclusion: I think my blog needs a different name.

So far, I’ve called it “I didn’t just wake up this morning with a craving” because it made me think of a really funny line from the 9th Doctor.

But it doesn’t really “say anything,” does it?  It’s unusual, to be sure, and that’s good. It’s also long, and that’s bad. It also doesn’t really mean anything to this blog, and that’s bad, I think.

Why do I even blog in the first place?

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Inspiration Engine Vol. 1 – Healing and Creativity

A series or round up of the blog posts I find most inspiring this week!

1. My attempt at a fairytale-esque story, from Fairytale Corner. It seems like this is a relatively new blog, but I think it holds a lot of promise and I look forward to what it will come out with.  This post, according to the writer, is their first attempt at adapting a fairy tale, and I think it’s brilliant. Simple, well written and well paced, and inspiring to me as I think about writing fiction.

2.  Inspire Your Creativity, (almost made for this round-up, eh? 🙂 ) from MisBehaved Woman. In this particular post, the author posts a link from NPR’s Ira Glass about fostering your creativity and getting to it, that valuable stuff we’re looking to get to. Sometimes I fear it’s not there in me, so this kind of positive affirmation helps.

3. Healing Touch, from One Day at a Time: Thoughts on Getting Out of B.E.D. I am really struggling at work right now. “Fake it till you make it” is an old adage that has been working well for me in the last few years of my practice. I may not be as into something as I think I should be, but I can pretend I am and then I get there. Right now, it’s too much work to even pretend. I am mad that I have to pretend. I resent pretending, and I’m miserable right now. This blog post reminds me to not give my “feelings” too much power – they are only feelings, and those can be fleeting.  Feelings change, and I won’t be in this position forever.

What do you think of these picks?!  Are there any posts you’ve found this week that have inspired you? And check out the next installation next week!