Fist Shaking yet Raised

I’m a little bit venting here.

I am learning, on the Twittersphere, and one of the fucking consequences of overturning Roe v. Wade is that uterus-having patients with lupus and other kinds of rheumatoid issues are being denied medication – needed medication – because these meds MIGHT cause a miscarriage. Not that these people are trying or want to become pregnant, not they they are pregnant, but just the fucking uterus inside them is enough.

Lupus. Arthritis. Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

I read about another lady who is on low-dose Naltrexone as a treatment for long-COVID to reduce clotting. That’s being denied. How many people in this fucking country that has been so shitty about addressing COVID and acting in the interest of public health and so now has so many people dealing with long-COVID

Fuck the states and hospitals for surrendering in advance to authoritarianism.

On the 4th, shortly after my daughter and I lost full medical autonomy, I signed us up to be in an Independence Day parade with a nonpartisan voter-rights group. She’s seven and marching for democracy. And by the grace of God, we didn’t get shot at. That shooting in Chicago? Wee One’s godmother’s kids were there. (Her step kids. They were with their birth mother putting sunscreen on.) They were IN the building the shooter was shooting from.

I’m so angry, and I committed to do something activisty every week, at least until November.

Are you pissed, too? Wanna do something? Red, Wine, and Blue is a good source for events and networking.

Okay, your turn.

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