$5 Mustache Ride

I went back to a Mexican restaurant I haven’t visited in a while; a place I used to bring Wee One (WO) a lot several years ago. On Mondays they offer $5 Mustache Rides, and that appealing offer drew me out after a holiday weekend. (Margaritas, for any dirty minded folks out there.)

Being there made me remember how small WO was back then, compared to now, though she didn’t seem small at the time. She is tall, friends, at least for her age. I was tall for my age, too, until the boys finally started growing, so it’s not unexpected, but people always comment, “She’s so big!” Grr. I know if comes from a good place, but just, could you not?

This year, particularly this second half of the school year, she’s showing some increased independence that I’m struggling with navigating. Being back in that restaurant, remembering a time that she seemed already independent but wasn’t at all.

Tonight I want to remind myself – the big girl-ness she’s showing right now won’t seem that big in a few years. I’m just writing this as a reminder to myself: Just…don’t despair, mommy. My big girl is not too big yet.

Okay, your turn.

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