Games and Stories We Play

There are, obviously, a lot of games Wee One and I play, and stories we play with. One of them, on a night I don’t want to forget, I’m sharing here. Wee One asked me to tell her an “Evie and Violet story” (two imaginary little girls who have adventures I make up) and her eyes were so wide as she stared off into the distance, imagining what I was saying.

Then she put her hand on my cheek and stared at me. Right when I left, she wanted to blow me a kiss, and I made a big show of falling over when I caught it. Then I blew one at her and she did the same. Back and forth, giggling. (I don’t remember when I wrote this, possibly May 28th, 2020? I believe sometime before the June story.)

From June 27, 2020.

Then, today, we started to play another game. I have a boo boo on my forehead and didn’t realize it was bleed until she pointed it out. She wanted to kiss it better (aw), but I suggested she not so she wouldn’t get blood on her mouth. Instead, she kissed the bottom of my foot. I made a show of it traveling up my leg, then my stomach, chest, neck, face, then blasting out of my forehead.

Oh, did she laugh. I love making her laugh. Then I promptly had to do it again. And again. And again.

From May 9, 2021

I mean, I think they’re real, but Wee One (WO) is insisting they’re myths.

The Lucky Seven Year Cycle – Once you are done being seven years old, at your next birthday, you go backwards. Like, to six. Then on to five, then four, and so on until you hit zero and bounce back again. Imagine a pin ball bouncing between two spots. That’s what happens as you age. You never grow up, but go through cycles.

The Snoring Forest – One night, WO went to bed, but found her way blocked because there was a huge log laying right on her pillow. Not only that, but it was snoring! It must be from the Great Snoring Forest.

Play is so good; I feel timeless when we’re playing.

Okay, your turn.

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