Through time and space

Three episodes, each with a common theme.  Can you spot it?

Episode 1

On a storm cloudy afternoon the couple stood under tall trees, talking quietly. Her long green velvet dress was held up by leather loops hanging from her belt, and his boots matched handsomely with his cavalier hat and plume. The woman noticed me watching them, but, noting my camera, didn’t change position. She held her pewter chalice a little higher and turned her head back to her partner, the pearls on her black lace snood contrasting with rain covered tree trunks. Staring at them through my lens, the image filled my imagination with an idea of life during the renaissance.

Episode 2

Parks and trees lined this leg of the course, the walkers and runner mercifully shadowed from the oppressive sun above. “You are a one-man wolf pack” read a sign held by one couple just after the 8th mile marker, and she breathlessly smiled while squeezing a packet of Gu into her mouth, hoping for the boost to finish the next five miles.

Episode 3

“Do you think it would be okay if I showed you here?” she asked. I looked around, noting the sparse number of people in the bar and waning afternoon light from the large window facing the street. “Doug won’t care,” I said, referring to the owner, “and there aren’t many people here yet – it’s early.” She rolled her shirt up and showed me her newest tattoo, centered over her ribcage. It was an expansive tree with roots that extended below her hip bones, tops that almost reached her armpit, and branches that almost wrapped entirely around her torso.  It was a thing of beauty with smaller images of plants and animals drawn through the arrangement of the leaves and bark.

Thank you, Daily Prompt.

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