Neglect Not the Wood-Strewn Path

When I’m feeling down being outside lifts my spirits. The smells, the breeze, the light… Of course, sometimes the breeze is biting and hurts when you sniff, or the light is oppressive or blinding. On those days, I don’t like being outside (Read: January and February).

On those forbidden days, I gaze at photos of lovlier places, such as to the image below, and daydream about them.

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Like a challenge? You’ll love this

Like many of my fellow writers, I enjoy a good prompt.  (Sometimes the ideas swarming around in here are too much to organize, and we need a filter to streamline them!)  I found a blogger who is doing a 52 goals in 52 weeks challenge, and I’m going to copy it, do something like that.

Since we’re in the middle of April, there are 36 weeks left in the year, and I’m going to take on 36 goals in 36 weeks.  I like that number. It’s the square of 6, it has balance. So: 36/36 Challenge.

I like balance

Here are the things I’ll be doing:

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This is not my life

Yesterday was particularly challenging here at work.  I went downstairs, away from the eyes and comments of the clients, and cried. I was gloomy on the drive home. It was no fun.

I got home, and I made buckwheat crepes, my new favorite thing in the world. I took a long walk in the trees, read and imagined work I would do on my research.  I cleaned my kitchen. I prepared veggies to make another kind of crepe in my dehydrator. I finished a chocolate shake from the freezer.  This is my life.  All the stuff from work, though it takes up so much of my day, is not my life.  I have a life. The prying eyes and shady characters trying to hit on me are not it.

This is something I’ve been meditating on all evening and this morning, and it helps.

Being Thursday and almost Friday isn’t bad, either. 🙂