Four Experiences I Don’t Need to Have

I recently made a command decision.  I was listening to the local country station, hearing a song about living your life to the fullest, and it helpfully came with suggestions.  These songs are meant to inspire thought, I suppose, and inspire it did, because I started thinking about things I’d like to do and adventures I’d like to have.

Also, those I don’t want to have.

  • I don’t wanna skydive. I have never had the desire to throw myself out of something and I’m not trying to invade anywhere – this isn’t World War II.


  • I don’t want to race anything. I’m a fast enough driver as it is, and I’ve had enough accidents thank-you-very-much.
  • I don’t need to consume so much or any beer/wine/chocolate/oysters that my “appetite is sated” and it makes me hallucinate.  Seriously, I know people who want to engorge themselves to the point that they hallucinate.
  • I don’t even need to have some kind of “Before Sunrise” adventure in Europe.  I’ve had them and they’re not as good as the movies promise.

But, my big decision yesterday, and this was probably directly related to a beautiful spring week, is that I would like to live somewhere I can stand-up paddleboard on a regular basis. Though I have the Mississippi river right here, the “Big Muddy” doesn’t lend itself well to the sunset idea I have in my head.  I want to smell the water before I get there, and I want to, regularly, come home from the water.


Also, I would like to spend some time on a cigar plantation in Central America.  I need to head south.

Okay, your turn.

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