Imagination fodder

A daily prompt about history, asking to which period of human history I think I belong, if not the present one. I think I do belong to right now because right now is the summation of all those “agos,” and something I like the most about being part of now is being able to imagine those agos.  I like to imagine history; I like to pretend that I’m in a certain place and time, that my life is other than it is (especially when I’m on the road).

I have also thought about past lives, if I have had them.  There are certain ages and peoples to whom I feel a particular pull, and I wonder if it’s because my past selves have interacted with them. Holy people in India, or at least my imagining of them as I’ve read. Native American tribes tribes before the Europeans. An academic in England. A family is the Russian tundra. In Andalucia during Moorish Spain. A daughter to Mary Magdelene, to hear stories at her feet.

I can easily learn about all of these things in the 21st century and, for the most part, visit the different places. Which only supplies and feeds further imaginings.

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