Cosplay stream-of-consciousness

In one month from now is a Comic Con in Louisville. Not only will there be a Firefly reunion, but also Cap’t Jack Harkness! I’m pretty sure that Cohiba and I are going (and he can also meet his high school celebrity crush Gillian Anderson.) The problem I’m having right now is my costume.  How would I dress if and when we go?

I don’t have to dress up at all, of course, but it’s far more fun to get into it with cosplay. I went to my first Con in March and wore a simple Doctor Who t-shirt. (‘Keep calm and Don’t blink.’) This was good – I was more than just a civilian – but I know from my Ren Fair days how much better it is in full garb.

I don’t have a sewing machine and am not going to sew anything (although if I did, I would be a Weeping Angel.)  I’ve thought about going as someone from Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, or Torchwood. Or possibly Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Chronicles of Narnia.  I want to go as a minor character, of course, not one of the main ones.  Possibly be a Blue Glove person from Firefly. Or someone who has seen the Silence from Doctor Who (put hash marks on my face).

I think it would be fun to wear a lion headress and go as Aslan, but people might mistake me for Luna Lovegood.

Maybe I could go as Mrs. Weasley, since I am a little older and would want to be a mother like she is, if I had kids. Or Aunt Beast! From A Wrinkle in Time! I love Aunt Beast!  I wanted an Aunt Beast! Or Mrs. Whatsit.

Maybe I”ll go as Mrs. Whatsit. Or the Happy Medium?  She wears a satin dress and a turban – it would prolly be easy to replicate.  I think the Happy Medium would be good.

Do any of you have suggestions or characters you like to dress up as?  Have you seen any cool ones?

Okay, your turn.

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