I Have Found The Fountain Of Youth!

You are young at any age if you are planning for tomorrow. – Anonymous

Write youthful characteristics everyone should preserve. What bring out your playful side?

Playing with Wee One every day has given me a lot of time and inspiration to think about a question like this. One characteristic that I think brings out youthfulness is curiosity – wanting to investigate it all. What happens when I poke this stick into mud? What happens when I break apart this big mushroom? Then watch the results of these questions with wonderment and a wish to seek out more.

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Neglect Not the Wood-Strewn Path

When I’m feeling down being outside lifts my spirits. The smells, the breeze, the light… Of course, sometimes the breeze is biting and hurts when you sniff, or the light is oppressive or blinding. On those days, I don’t like being outside (Read: January and February).

On those forbidden days, I gaze at photos of lovlier places, such as to the image below, and daydream about them.

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Inspiration Engine 14 – Art Journaling & Writing

This is a weekly post I do about blogs or posts that have inspired me in some way this week!

1. I have been thinking a lot begun thinking about hosting an Art Journaling event on wordpress. It wouldn’t begin until after the Renaissance Faire ends in June, so I’m using this time to prepare for that. There is one blogger in particular who helped me when thinking about this: The Frugal blogger. She has a number of different techniques and materials, along with corresponding videos.  It helps to see someone else’s process of creating art.

Question for you readers: Would you be interested in creating some art journal pages with me?  I have begun thinking about hosting a monthly art journaling event on Creo Somnium, partly to help me achieve my 36/36 goal, and also to get inspired by the imagination of others!

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Inspiration Engine 13 – Flash Fiction and Art

This is a weekly post I do to highlight blogs or bloggers who have inspired me in some way during this week – another car on my imagination train!

1. The first entry on this week’s Inspiration Engine is from this post from The Smallest Forest showed some postcards and organic art that they created for a friends/wordpress postcard swap, and it really got me into a place to work on my art journal.

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The Forest is my Imagination

Sometimes, at the beginning of a week, I find that my attention and thoughts are focused in a beautiful place, like a forest of trees. Living in that forest is normal, and possibilities are paths through them.

In this forest, you don’t have to walk the paths, and if you choose to, you don’t do it for any purpose.  You do it because you want to walk the path. The passage and exploration are more important than the journey’s end.

And, oh, how I hate pulling myself out of this forest.

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Imagination fodder

A daily prompt about history, asking to which period of human history I think I belong, if not the present one. I think I do belong to right now because right now is the summation of all those “agos,” and something I like the most about being part of now is being able to imagine those agos.  I like to imagine history; I like to pretend that I’m in a certain place and time, that my life is other than it is (especially when I’m on the road).

I have also thought about past lives, if I have had them.  There are certain ages and peoples to whom I feel a particular pull, and I wonder if it’s because my past selves have interacted with them. Holy people in India, or at least my imagining of them as I’ve read. Native American tribes tribes before the Europeans. An academic in England. A family is the Russian tundra. In Andalucia during Moorish Spain. A daughter to Mary Magdelene, to hear stories at her feet.

I can easily learn about all of these things in the 21st century and, for the most part, visit the different places. Which only supplies and feeds further imaginings.