One way of unbending time

I’m going through a period of excitment right now: I’m getting married March 3, 2014, and I”m preparing for it now.  I can’t even count how many times people have told me about this engagement period, “That time is so much fun.” “Enjoy it; it’s a great time.”  “Remember this time.”  I’m glad they warned me, because I hadn’t imagined that this would be a particularly significant time to remember, but I’m taking their advice.

I started to really look forward to the wedding when I picked out a dress – it’s beautiful, friends. It’s flattering on my figure and has beautiful embroidery around the bottom edge. So beautiful.

Because of my desire to remember the actual proposal itself, I bought one of those Disney autograph books in the gift store, and a fat pink princess pen. I wrote out all about the proposal right after it happened, but as we’ve been planning, I’ve been making little notes about the process. “Today we decided to get this photography package.”  “Oh no, there’s a crisis with my mother!  My MOH is fantastic!” “All is well, and did you know that you can only get into Bevo Mill with a reservation?” Both big and little details like that.

I’m hoping that, by writing these down, I’ll slow down time; I’ll relish this process, and be able to suck out all the joy possible during this planning period, because I am so excited.

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