Weekend Coffee Share #17


If we were having coffee, we would be glad to walk into the warm coffee house. It’s colder outside today than normal! I remark when I see you push the hood off your head, shaking raindrops off. It is wintertime, but I have been so pleasantly surprised by how mild the winter has been, particularly since I’ve heard how nasty it is in the Mid-West. The Wee One and I were even able to go hiking this past week!

Speaking of hiking, a woman walks in pushing a double stroller with twin toddlers. They’re subdued under their blanket, but she still struggles getting the stroller through the front door and between the close small tables. Seeing them all makes me miss the Wee One, who had daddy-daughter time these days I go and write and have coffee with girlfriends.

Today when I left, he was skyping with his parents and showing off her standing up skills. She will position herself standing by something, and then let go, just to do it.  She’s not showing off for us, she’s practicing and testing herself. I think she’s remarkable. All babies might do that, you point out; I don’t want to know!  I exclaim. My daughter is the most extraordinary creature EVER! I say with a wink and a smile. Of course, you agree.

If we were having coffee, I tell you about talking to my best friend last night and how nervous she is about going on a first date with someone. Do you have first date horror stories? you ask me, and I make a face remembering it. There was one guy I met bicycling the MKT Trail outside of the Columbia, Missouri. We enjoyed talking and raced each other to the Katy trail. He was an Air Force vet and kind of cute, but I was getting more and more uncomfortable as we rode back in.  He gave me his number (this was before cell phones) and I raced home reciting it to myself. I dialed the number when we got home, as I had promised I would, and asked for Gary. “Gary?” the guy who answered started laughing. “Who’s Gary? You mean Greg?” Ouch. That’s embarrassing and I hate being laughed at. Then Gary/Greg got on the phone, and it was so awkward and weird, I was happy when we hung up.

Etta James “At Last” comes over the speakers, and my heart clutches as it always does.  We both stop talking to sway in time to the song. I had wanted this to be the first song Cohiba  and I danced to after we got married, but I didn’t have that kind of wedding reception. We did have a first dance, though, just after the ceremony and then a dinner with our guests at one of the restaurants in EPCOT. As a compromise, we put the song on our wedding video, over the high reel.

If we were having coffee, I wonder aloud is that is why I like to watch people and try to read what’s going on., particularly when I think its a first date. First dates can go in so many directions, it’s like a crap shoot. Even over the course of the date itself, things shift. Still, she’ll come home with a story, hopefully better than the one I just told.

Now Sam Cooke is playing. The tunes in here today are live and on point.






The day before the big day

Todays Daily Prompt asked us what we do the day before a big day, and one of the suggested “big days” was our wedding day.  Since a coworker of mine is getting married this weekend, I have recently been dreamily reliving the days of my own wedding, just, like 6 months ago… (I just realized, 6 months yesterday!) and I hope she has a good a time as I did.

The week before we went to Disney to get married was stressful, but not too much. The big decisions were already made and settled, we had a wedding planner handling things in Orlando.  The actual day before, my husband and I bashed around Magic Kingdom with a couple of friends. These friends had never been to Disney World before, so it was awesome to show them things for the first time.

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A way of keeping my wedding memories

As I talked about in my 36/36 challenge, one of the things I wanted to do this year was scrapbook my wedding memory stuff.  Not the photographs, per se, but the cards and other little odds and ends we had gotten over the course of the (barely) year that we spent planning it. So really, it’s a memory book, not a scrapbook in the traditional sense.


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A Lone Tear

We just got our wedding pictures this week – they’re awesome.

People had warned that I wouldn’t remember my wedding day, but I thought I would be shielded from that memory loss given the fact that my wedding day and reception day are separate.

Looking at the photos, I realize every0ne was right, despite the short ceremony. But I do have one memory.

The single tear that fell from my husband’s eye as we were saying our vows.

5 lesser-known Disney World Details

Last week, I got married in Disney World, where Cohiba and I have had a lot of fun. Before we went, I looked up some new details I wanted to find, as a way to prolong the magic.

1. In Magic Kingdom, I read that something “unexpected” happened when you curtsy in front of the water fountain statue of Cinderella holding a bird behind her castle. I knew it wouldn’t be anything as unexpected as, say, fireworks going off, but I wondered if maybe the statue would transform into something, or I would hear the bird tweet.

I don’t know how that could have been engineered, but this is Disney World. It’s magic!

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Wedding Glee Ep. 2

I am getting married in Disney World (DW) in 5 days! Eee! I am so excited, of course for the wedding, but also for the week-long opportunity to explore Disney World!  Cohiba and I always get so much joyful play-time out of it.

One thing that I really like about DW is that, each time, I have found new things to do, things that make it more special. These are some new things I hope to find this time:

In Magic Kingdom:

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I read a line from a fellow blogger’s post today, something written in response to the Daily Prompt. It was a short poem, but the last line of it really captured me:

“A day like no other begins like all others.”

This makes me think of all the special days in my life, how they all began the same way. Then, the day that is so rapidly approaching, the day for which I am so excited, my wedding day, will begin like all the others.

I am so excited for the wedding that I don’t feel like I can stand it. I was never one of those girls who dreamt about their weddings and had it all planned out, and in fact, we chose to have a destination wedding to make it easier to plan. Now I’m noticing that, as the time draws nearer, decisions I have been thinking about for months are being made. For example, all the RSVPs were due yesterday, and now we’ll have a better idea of who is coming to our destination wedding. Now, we can get to work getting them discounted rooms.

Which is all very good.

So I think about my wedding day and the days surrounding it, which will begin like all others, and I will be with my best friends and family in Disney World, a place where I’ve had so much fun playing with Cohiba, and finally marrying my Cohiba. Everyone of those days, as unique and pregnant with possibility as they are, will begin just like any other.

One way of unbending time

I’m going through a period of excitment right now: I’m getting married March 3, 2014, and I”m preparing for it now.  I can’t even count how many times people have told me about this engagement period, “That time is so much fun.” “Enjoy it; it’s a great time.”  “Remember this time.”  I’m glad they warned me, because I hadn’t imagined that this would be a particularly significant time to remember, but I’m taking their advice.

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Facebook is the new wedding ceremony?

As I’m planning my wedding, I’ve been reading lots of magazines and hearing others’ stories of their wedding day, and one thing has come through as very important: How precious it is to be surrounded by people who you (and your spouse) love and who love and support you two as a couple.  I love that idea, and have been feeling it as I”m planning. I’m especially learning that now. Continue reading “Facebook is the new wedding ceremony?”