Am I Still Making God Laugh?

I found an old post I had written about making God laugh (by making plans, as the quote tell us.) When I wrote that, we had just decided to move to Seattle. I remember the feeling of the time so well. Wee One was probably a month old and I was so very shaky, both physically and metaphorically.

I was newly a mother, still unsafely sleeping on the couch with her because I was still afraid to bed-share. I was uncertain about everything I did with her, my body was still recovering and resettling. Still, I think back on the person who wrote that and I’m jealous of her. I loved my time in Seattle and she has that all ahead of her.

Maybe we didn’t make God laugh, because we did move back, just as we promised each other. But maybe we did make Them laugh, because it was much sooner than we thought it would be. And I know this year in Ohio hasn’t quite gone like I thought it would.

So yeah, I’m still making God laugh. How about you?



Okay, your turn.

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