Remember the time… I got really scared

The time I got the most scared. I was a kid, it was the summer after 7th grade.  One day, I went to the theater (something we could never afford to do) to watch the movie “Aracnophobia” with a girlfriend.  We got movie treats before we went, and I bought Mamba. Then I spent the afternoon at her house, something I loved to do because she had such a beautiful house and she had so many sisters, so there was always a lot of things going on.

That night, I got home and later went to bed.  I got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, and I was really hot and a little dizzy.  I dropped ice into the water in my cup, and the ice cracked and squealed in protest.  Hearing that, I suddenly remember the spiders squealing in the movie, and immediately felt afraid that the room covered in spiders!  I wanted to get straight to bed where I’d be safe, but I was super dizzy and couldn’t walk very well. I crawled down the hallway, at the same time protecting my butt from dogs that I knew hid in the dark (a fear I still have to this day).

The next morning, my mother felt my head and I went to the doctor.  I had a wicked case of strep throat and was sick for two weeks. I have hated Mamba ever since

Okay, your turn.

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