Remember the time… First kiss?

For the fair month of May, I remember my very first kiss. It was magic – the perfect first kiss for any teenage girl.

He was floppy haired and funny, and considered relatively cool among band kids. We’d been “going out” for a week, holding hands in the hallway and leaning on each other after practice.

One afternoon, he walked me home, about a mile, a mile and a half from his house. We hung out in my carpeted kitchen in roller-footed chairs, drinking Cokes. As the evening fell and his time to leave approached, the unspoken expectation rose.

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Remember the time… we learned about sex?

“One year, (at school), I didn’t know. The next year, I just knew.  You go from not knowing to knowing.  Or if you don’t, you act like you do.” This was the way one of my girlfriend’s learned about sex, and this is totally how I remember it, too. I had been told by my mother about where babies come from when I was young, so young that I don’t remember. But that was just the mechanics, and I was grossed out and that was that. Then, things changed.

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